Past Exhibitions

This initiative sought to amplify the voices of these unsung heroes, inspiring the next generation of peace builders. Central to the project was a captivating touring exhibition featuring striking portraits by visual artist FRIZ:


“To create this body of work I started by learning about the women and their fantastic achievements and contributions to peace in Northern Ireland. In exploring how to approach the portraits one thing that struck me was how much of the personality of each individual shone through their photos. To this end I wanted the final pieces to be colourful and unignorable, much like the women themselves.”


The exhibition, now housed at Strule Arts Centre from March 28th to April 25th, serves as a tribute to diversity and strength. Featuring the stories of many remarkable women, including Anne Carr, Saidie Patterson, and Pat Hume, it celebrates their enduring legacy and invites visitors to reflect on their own role in peace-building efforts.

Also featured in our exhibition are some of the inspiring women of Omagh who have made lasting impacts on the local community and beyond: