Orange Is The New Green

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Orange is the New Green is a new comedy play written by Strabane natives Ronan Boyle & Niall Blee with a hilarious look at the life of Ireland's only Catholic Orangeman. The play catches up with Liam just when he is wrestling with his new identity and shines a spotlight on the challenges he faces as well as the reaction from his local community in Strabane. Starring Strabane based comedian Ronan Boyle (Strabanter & The Boiler Room comedy club), this show is sure to have audiences side splitting laughter as well as identifying with 1980’s culture, the stereotypes and the stigma in smalltown Norn Iron. With a cocktail of characters including the parish priest, an Orange Lodge Grand Master, the nosey neighbour, the local unit of the IRA and many more this will be a feast of laughter whilst opening up the discussion......Are we really that different after all????????

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