Wasted by Kat Woods

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Wasted, by award-winning playwright Kat Woods, is a socio-political play that explores themes of binge drinking, consent, and sexual assault. Join Oli, Emma, and their friends on a night out drinking, dancing, flirting, and clubbing. The morning after the night before ensues and any events can only be remembered through the blurry haze of a dubious hangover.

Wasted illuminates that grey area in the sexual relationship after a few too many drinks. The characters are not sure what has happened; both suffering from post-alcoholic amnesia. They are both secure in the fact that sex happened but, where alcohol puts the female in a state unable—legally—to consent to sex, our characters continually ask “what happened” as they are marched through the legal system.

Trigger warnings - there will be discussions around the issue of sexual abuse and rape that some may find upsetting. Information on support services will be provided.

Bruiser Theatre Company have partnered with the following two local charities that can provide support:

Nexus - A local charity supporting individuals impacted by sexual abuse and abusive relationships. For more information, please visit their website here.

Ascert - A local charity providing services across NI that reduce alcohol and drug related harm in local communities. For more information, please visit their website here.

20% discount available for Educational groups
Age guidance - 16+ due to adult themes

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