Fused Glass Candle Holder Adults’ Workshop

Tickets available
Tickets available

This workshop is ideal for those who fancy a relaxing and peaceful few hours of creativity.

During the workshop you get to create 2 unique Fused Glass pieces using coloured glass pieces that can be cut and shaped to your own design.

Learn how to use coloured frits (crushed glass in 2 grades – Fine and Course) and Stringers and Noodles (thin strands of glass).

Your work will then be fired in the kiln and ready for collection within 2 weeks.

The Workshop will cover an Introduction to Colour Therapy, the use of Fused Glass, Sheet, Frit, Stringers, Dots to embellish your work and the equipment required to score and cut, nip your glass into the shapes you require.

You will get two 10cm x 10cm sheet to decorate / embellish for your coasters

This workshop is for 18 + years

Please ensure you wear closed toe shoes, comfortable clothing and avoid anything that will drape in your work such as a long necklace or long flowing sleeves.

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