The Untold Truth of Captain Hook

Tickets available
Tickets available
Suitable for those aged 7+The Untold Truth of Captain Hook is a brand-new play from playwright David Morgan. It is a prequel to the classic story of Peter Pan and explores how the best of brothers can become the worst of enemies. From the viewpoint of Peter’s brother James (who will grow up to be Hook), the play sensitively and imaginatively explores themes of family, growing up, taking responsibility, brotherhood and loss. Although dealing with serious themes, the play has a light touch, is entertaining and high energy, and gives an intriguing and exciting new perspective on these much-loved characters.The show is produced by a highly experienced team of professionals in the field of theatre for young audiences, including playwright David Morgan and director Janice Kernoghan-Reid. This project has been designed specifically for young audiences and family audiences with an optimal children’s age range of 7-12.

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