Storytelling with Shadow puppets Masterclass

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In this free masterclass, aimed at all teachers, youth leaders, art facilitators,parents or anyone interested in learning more about the art of shadow puppetry, learn how to teach children and young people to use shadow puppets to create characters, tell stories and perform a show. Randel McGee, a performing artist and teacher with decades of experience in live performances, workshops, and artist residencies throughout the USA and Asia, is based in An Creagan Centre, from July to September. His programmes have been praised for their entertaining nature, but also for their inspirational and educational content. He has years of experience sharing his expertise in using performing arts, such as storytelling, puppetry, and ventriloquism, to enhance educational goals, such as cultural enrichment and language fluency. Randel and his wife Marsha have extensive backgrounds in working with both children and adults in developing talents in performing arts. They have been college teachers and workshop directors for regional and national library, school, educational and cultural organizations. Their style is friendly and easily applied in most school and community settings. Book now at

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