Once Upon A Time

Tickets available
Tickets available

Evetn suitable for Under 10s

ONCE UPON A TIME.. there was a Wicked Fairy by name of Maleficent. She was jealous that she wasn't invited to the various parties thrown by many of the Royal families. So jealous was she that she cast a spell on all of the Princesses in the Fairytale Kingdom... And it just so happened to be on Elsa's coronation day.

With all of the Princesses stories jumbled, Anna has to find her way back to her sister before midnight...

Join REAL Princesses NI on the second leg of their successful ONCE UPON A TIME tour; with 5 characters at each show, your little Royal will be enchanted by their favourite characters in a brand-new setting!

Singing all your favourite songs, this is sure to be a wonderful day out full of magic and memories.

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