Messy Monkeys December

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Messy Monkeys is the best and messiest play group and it's coming soon to your area.

Suitable for those aged 9 months – 5 years will run from 3pm - 4pm. This is a stay and play event - at least one parent/guardian per booking will need to attend the workshop.

Messy play sessions with Messy Monkeys are fantastic for early child development – although we have lots of fun at our classes our messy play is much more than just a giggle! Our messy play classes are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage so parents can see how their babies and toddlers are learning skills at every class.

Attending a Messy Monkeys messy play session is a great way for your baby or toddler to explore different materials and textures, learn about cause and effect and to develop motor and language skills. Free and creative play is an essential part of a child’s learning process, assisting in the understanding of science and maths and well as developing talent in arts and crafts.

Messy play is a fabulous way of allowing babies and toddlers to gain confidence in their own imagination rather than giving them structured, adult led activities. By focusing on the ‘process’ rather than the ‘product’ children gain confidence in their own choices and ideas, rather than simply trying to do what they think adults want them to do. We pride ourselves on saying “yes, you can!” to our babies and toddlers creating a super relaxed messy play environment for all our Messy Monkeys.

Although Splatterday's are a messy play class for babies aged 9 months - 5 years. Parents with babies please be aware that there will be older children at the class.

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