Is That Too Hot

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Is That Too Hot is the hilarious sequel to the hit play I'll Tell My Ma by Patricia Gormley . Follow the antics of your favourite characters Granny Eileen, Davina Carina and Chelsea Marie as they stumble their way through another year in their turbulent lives . There is humour in abundance touched with pathos as the story which is set in the local hairdressing salon unfolds . The characters have moved on after the tumultuous events of the previous play . Watch as the characters negotiate their way through the ups and downs of everyday life and listen as they share their hopes and fears with their mentor Olive the owner of the salon. There will be laughter and tears in equal measure and a very welcome twist to the tale at the end .

The amazing Christina Nelson will be back playing all your favourite characters from I'll Tell My Ma, the lovable Davina Carina, the feisty Granny Eileen and the outrageous Chelsea Marie. The hugely talented Alan McKee will also be back in the directors chair for the sequel and Joe Rea will once again be producing.

If you loved I'll Tell My Ma then you are in for a real treat this winter with Is That Too Hot.

Contains some strong language – 16+

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