Duff Balloons Little Kids Great Inflate Session 2

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Workshop Suitable for 4 - 7 years

Workshop will run from 10am - 12noon

Would you like to make your own super cool and fun balloons just like Ryan Tracey? Now is your chance! You may have seen Ryan on TV, he has been on TV Shows over the last year such as Britain’s Got Talent, Blue Peter, Ninja Warrior UK and CBBC’s Officially Amazing. Ryan currently holds 3 Guinness World Records making him the World’s fastest balloon modeller. Ryan is also known as Duff the Balloon Ninja and recently launched a youtube channel to teach people how to become a world class balloon modeller. ‘The Great Inflate’ is about teaching as many people as possible how to become a balloon modeller, and with enough practice you could one day be a Guinness World Record holder and one of the fastest in the World. Come along to the workshop to learn the basics of how to make super cool balloons. The workshop will be hands on and you will create your very own balloon model such as a dog, sword, gun, flower, and elephant.

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