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A Good Relations multi-cultural dance and music programme ending with an on-stage performance at Grange Fest, Saturday 22 June 2019

You will:

Ø Learn Hungarian, Polish and Bulgarian dances

Ø Create your own innovative drumming and percussion music

Ø Perform on-stage at Grange Fest, Omagh

Ø Have fun, learn about other cultures, make new friends

This programme gives a unique opportunity to learn a Hungarian, Polish and Bulgarian dance from an experienced native dance tutor and be part of creating an innovative percussion music piece. It is a special creative experience opening the doors to other cultures, a fun fusion of cultures challenging stereotypes and pushing boundaries.

Participants will be expected to commit to attending all 5 workshops to enable them to produce a multi-cultural performance to showcase at the Grange Fest. This programme is suitable for participants aged between 12 and 18 years.

Workshop 1: Friday 24/05/2019, 4pm to 6pm, Large Music Practice Room

Hungarian dancing

Workshop 2: Friday 31/05/2019, 4pm to 6pm, Large Music Practice Room

Percussion music making

Workshop 3: Friday 07/06/2019, 4pm to 6pm, Dance Studio

Polish dancing

Workshop 4: Friday 14/06/2019, 4pm to 6pm, Dance Studio

Bulgarian dancing

Workshop 5: Saturday 22/06/2019, 11 am to 1pm, Dance Studio

Choreographing the overall performance

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