Artists Talk with Patricia Kelly – Dots, Spots, Circles, Lines & Squares

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Prior to the launch of her latest exhibition - Dots, Spots, Circles, Lines & Squares - Patricia Kelly will hold an Artists Talk in the Gallery on Wednesday 8th June at 11am. Come along for a sneak peak and to her Patricia talk about her work.

Hailing from Co. Fermanagh, Patricia Kelly obtained a B.A. Honors in Fine Craft Design at University of Ulster, specializing in embroidered textiles. She was awarded this solo exhibition as second prizewinner in the ‘Art in Your Pocket: 6” x 4”’ Exhibition in Strule Arts Centre December 2021.

She has always been inspired by the changing colour, light and texture of the rugged landscape and skies in the west of Ireland. Growing up on a farm, she was involved in the landscape in a very physical and tactile way, making hay and stacking turf. She attributes this experience to the very earthy, textural and repetitive quality of the work she produces today.

Patricia constantly pushes her work in new directions, exploring images through drawing and paint, but finally realising her outcomes through the medium of textile, employing the use of free motion embroidery techniques. Patricia’s work has become much more abstract in recent times with a greater focus on the use of the stitched line. The repetitive use of shape and mark has become an increasingly important aspect of Patricia’s work imbuing a meditative and ethereal quality.

Exhibition will be on display from Friday 19th June until Saturday 2nd July

Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 5pm

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