An Evening with JOHNNY McEVOY

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Tom Kelly Promotions Presents 'An Evening with JOHNNY McEVOY'The term 'living legend' is sometimes loosely accredited to artistsin the music business but certainly not when people speak about JohnnyMcEvoy. Johnny has always been highly acclaimed for the quality of hislive concert shows and when his 2022 tour was announced itreceived a huge response from his legion of fans nationwide.His current live show is called 'A nostalgic Evening of Song andStory' and features all of Johnny's 'Hit' songs,including MursheenDurkin, Boston Burgler,Long before your Time, Rich Mans Garden,MichaelCollins etc, many of these great songs penned by Johnny.His songs are hauntingly beautiful and evocative, always presentedwith an individuality that is unmistakably his own unique style. Onecan truthfully state that Johnny McEvoy has been one of the mostenduring and talented singer songwriters in the Folk/Ballad genre inIreland over the past 50 years. His concert performances are 2nd tonone and incorporate a brief but relevantreference to the story of each song. The lyrical clarity of Johnny'svocals combined with gentle backing from excellent musicians is a joyto listen and ensure wonderful and joyful evening of 'Song and Story'
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